Latic Acid-The Culprit of Muscle Soreness & Fatigue.


Whether light, moderate or with heavy exercise-your muscles are always working. Lactic acid is a byproduct of muscle use and is the primary cause of muscle soreness when present in high levels of your muscle tissues.

To better understand how this happens, it’s helpful to have a basic knowledge of how your muscles work. The Kreb Cycle- a huge energy producer for all cells in your body, is the main culprit for lactic acid production in your muscles. The cycle uses oxygen and proteins to create adenosine triphosphate or ATP. ATP is an energy molecule which muscle fibers can use to either flex or relax. The cleaving of this molecule after it’s energy is released leave free floating hydrogen and phosphate atoms which are positively charged. These leftover positively charged atoms can alter the pH in surrounding tissues. When present in large numbers they can swing the normal pH of your muscle tissue to a more acidic environment. This acidity can cause discomfort and inflammation in muscle bundles-something we’ve all experienced.

What can be done to help remove lactic acid in your muscles and discuss lactic acid muscle pain relief? Well, for starters changing the way you exercise can be a big help. Don’t stop exercising suddenly after moderate or intense workouts. If you’re jogging for instance, and are feeling the burn in legs muscles-slow down, until your heart rate returns to baseline, do not abruptly stop. This allows your body to better reabsorb the lactic acid, putting an end to the burning feeling in your legs. You are able to remove more lactic acid from your muscle tissues at a slow walk than by standing still. This is because veins are able to move more deoxygenated blood and left over molecules when they are pressed or squeezed by muscle groups.

No one likes the fatigue and burning feeling we get sometimes with exercise, and we tend to get discouraged when this happens. Helping reduce these feelings will ultimately give your body the healthy workouts it deserves on a regular basis.